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Last Night, I Have a Dream ’bout You…

Posted on: November 5, 2009

070607_donterase_luther Last night, I was dream about you. It was a short dream, but it’s soo much fun. Tanoshikata nee.. I don’t know why suddenly I dream about you. I barely never think about you. Well, we met in college before, but I never think about you so deeply. I just like to see you play with your friend, laughing, or hanging out. It’s just momentary happiness for me, but I just feel glad to see you even only for 5 minutes.

I bet you don’t wanna know about my dream, but that’s okay. I will share it, even if you don’t know about me at all. So, last night you came in to my dream. Sit beside me and accompany me read a newspaper. We talked so much about anything. Your face is like the face I always see everyday, calm and (I don’t know…) cool (maybe?). Just love it the way you talk or see me.

And then I woke up, realize that it was just a dream. It’s time to get up and take a bath. I didn’t put so much hope to see you again. I think my luckiness is enough already.

But, then I see you.

Sit there with your friend. Laughing, talking, or just watching people.

All I can do is smile and thank you once again for all the feeling you gave me last night…

(sorry banget kalau bahasa Inggrisnya ngaco berat. Saya kan anak sastra Indonesia *bisa aja ngelesnya…*)


3 Responses to "Last Night, I Have a Dream ’bout You…"

hah? siapa niiih???

Perasaan yang membahagiakan ya, dHan. 🙂

Kalo kata orang Jepang, doki2 suru (= deg2an).

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