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Some (Ordinary) Fairytale (Part 1)

Posted on: December 21, 2011

So, this fairytale was begin with ‘once upon a time’ just like the other fairytale, such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and many many more princess tales that our parents didn’t tell us because they don’t have much time for bedtime stories or for simple reason, we grow up so fast and think that fairytale is just for kids.

Once upon a time live an ordinary princess. She doesn’t have a glamorous gowns, beautiful castle, nor lots of money. But she live happily with her family, her sister (that sometimes she’s like to quarrel with), and her lovely dogs. She live in a big and wide house, enough for her to called it ‘castle’. Why she feel ‘princess’ though she’s not a princess at all? It’s because she enjoyed her life so much, she doesn’t care if she’s a real princess or not. For herself, she is a beautiful princess.

She has a lot of friends that she loved and loved her back. Though she likes to chatting, shopping, and have fun with them, sometimes she likes to have her own time. And, her friends would understand. She likes to read. A lot. She like to browse internet and looking for some good book and read it through all day or whenever she got time. She likes to eat too. But, she doesn’t like vegetables which she think is taste badly.

Even though she’s not meet her prince charming yet, she still happy. Well, you can’t say she’s not looking. She is looking, but sometimes someone that she think (and hope for) is her prince charming just fade away. She’s is sad, but she realize that life must go on so that’s why she keep looking. She believe that her life is beautiful and peaceful and no need to gloomy all day.

And one day, she meet her prince charming.

This prince charming of her is totally different from her. He’s rebel, (almost) good looking, cool, and rich. But, there’s one thing that she consider as a lack from her prince charming whom she called ‘Wind’: spoiled. But, she is too in love to saw that and think that’s just some tiny little obstacle in their relationship.

Everything went beautiful in the beginning as they’re start to build some relationship. This is her first boyfriend so she treasure it with all her might. She’s trying to be a good friend for her prince charming. They meet everyday and talks for several hours every night. Sometime, she skipped study just to accompany him to somewhere that he wanted to go. She doesn’t mind because all she cared about is his happiness.

In some point, sometimes she thinks about marriage though they’re still young. Her prince charming just listen and laugh everytime she talk about marriage and live happily ever after. Though she think about it seriously, she’s not hurry her prince charming to marry her. She keep waiting and trying to be as nice as she can be.

But, sometimes life didn’t work like we want it to be.

(…to be continued)


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