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A Nice-Comfortable-Full of Books Kind of Library

Posted on: December 22, 2011

Today, when i want to open my mail, i saw it in front of Yahoo! page articles about 10 unique book shelves. I open it and suddenly i fell in love with all of that furniture. Though i know that kind of book shelves are a little bit expensive and out of my reach, but still i dreaming to have one, two, or maybe three someday in my home.

To have a special room just for books (or you can called library) is like a little heaven that i created just for myself and my beloved ones. Imagine we’re sitting in the love couch, holding hands while reading, look at the window everytime rain is coming from above, and sometime sipping coffee or tea. And if we get bored, we can hug each other until fall asleep. Such nice things to do, right?

My shelf will be full with all fiction books, while yours is full with conspiracy theory kind of book, religion, or perhaps that Korean boyband/girlband picture books. Every once in awhile, i will be sit by yourside and listen to the story that you read for me.

Isn’t that nice dream?


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