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Some (Ordinary) Fairytale (Part 2)

Posted on: December 26, 2011

So, it turns out that this princess relationship wasn’t like a fairytale after all. Well, at first she thought it will be like fairytale with lots of ‘i love you’ whispers, cooking together, eat together, and sometimes dance together. But, apparently her prince charming is not that charming at all.

First of all, he hated when the princess told him about her high grade (or you can say indeks prestasi). He said it made him like a loser. The princess then feel a little bit sad to heard that because she didn’t mean to bragged. All she want to was just share her happiness with the one she loved, but looks like her prince charming didn’t like her happiness as much as she did.

Second of all, her prince didn’t like if the princess made joke about him. Once upon a time, the princess and the prince charming ride his motorcycle back to her castle. But, the heavy rain that continue to fall from the sky made water flooding everywhere. The prince charming hated when his shoes wet so he take his shoes and riding his motorcycle bare feet. The princess saw that and laugh. After couple of days, the prince charming said that he mad when the princess laugh at him and he would love to leave her in the middle of the road.

Third of all, and this made the princess drown in the sadness for about 2 years, is he cheated on her. While she waiting patiently for her prince to come from his long journey (about a week) from country with twin tower that most of people called Petronas, the prince charming trying to win his love from the other girl back. And, after the prince charming back, he take the princess off to their academy lake and told her any kind of bullshit that he wrote up before.

This moment broke princess heart so bad that she turned to zombie for couples of months. Her friend worried about her, her mom cried for her, and her sister tried to entertained her. But, like wise man say: only time will heal. And it take another pain to heal those pain.


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